Top 10 reasons to choose Medismo Pharma CRM

There are many great reasons to choose Medismo Pharma CRM.

Naysayers of CRM, Love it!

Medismo Pharma CRM gives lower level employees like Medical Representatives(MRs) and Area Sales Managers(ASMs) real value in comparison with other competitive systems. Infact the whole system is created to take the pain away from the reps who often dont use CRM & SFA systems as intended by the management. Reps love the ease of use and the speed with which they can work with Medismo Pharma CRM.

Reps can plan efficiently & report daily activities, which managers rely on for a solid, up-to-date view of the field.

360° view of Contacts

Reps can view and get an bird's eye view of their contacts and key influencers. Sales Reps can also track orders and monitor the impact of samples and promo materials. Management can pin point the cost centers and profit centers and make future campaigns more effectively.

Hassle Free migration from your existing system

Medismo Pharma CRM takes the pain of migrating your masters from existing Sales Force Automation(SFA) software which are available in the market. We get you started in less than 2 weeks with all data intact from your old system.

Create & Execute Killer Sales Campaigns with multiple targeting options

Your Campaigns Will Be More Organized & More Effective with precision filtering and targeting options to make sales campaigns a success from the word go. Furthermore Medismo Pharma CRM has builtin logical workflows which prevents MedReps from incomplete planning and reporting.

Complete Insights and data processing abilities

Medismo Pharma CRM boasts of Industry acclaimed InstaReporting Engine which comes builtin without any additional costs involved. Collate sales Data from multiple sources or get an bird's eye view of the Rep's activities live on Maps. Reports are available for viewing as soon as data is entered into the system.

Self Administration and Assisted Administration

We make it a point to fully train your CRM support managers or CRM Administrators on all aspects of system administration: like employee creation, employee termination, allocation, re-allocation of contacts, Product Management, Setup and much more giving your company independent administrative control.

Support is in the DNA of Medismo Pharma CRM

We have invested a lot of time and money in providing your company great tools to manage the system independently via Administration Tools. In times of crisis, you can always avail our Professional Free and Paid support services via remote or on-site assistance across your entire corporate network.

Medismo is Pharmacentric & fully focussed towards Pharma Industry

Medismo has responded to events on the ground, both from a strategic and operational point of view. With 100% undivided focus on pharma industry and continuous investment on Research and Development, companies get increased ROI YoY and we gain expertise.