Its CRM, Customer Managed Relationships

Build long term relationships with Doctors, Key Influencers & HCPs

Covering Primary & Specialty Care

Focus on the needs of patients, Doctors & Institutions in each region and serve better.

Close loop Marketing(CLM)

Develop & monitor highly targeted strategic campaigns based on a wide variety of customer histories and behaviors.

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SFA tight integration with CRM

Includes key SFA features like Order Management, Sales Tracking, Target & daily reporting

Rich Visual reports & Dashboards

Interactive dashboards with Charts, graphs & maps. Make informaed field decisions with real-time reports.

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Integrated Sales Force Automation(SFA)

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  • Contact Management
  • Campaign & visits
  • Order & Sales processing
  • Customer interactions History
  • Analyzing sales forecasts
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Analytic / Business Intelligence Engine

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  • Predictive analytics
  • Performance dashboards
  • KPI dashboard
  • Sales dashboard
  • Project management dashboards
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Product Management

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  • Market Segmentor
  • Digital Product Library
  • Top Performing territories
  • RX Trends by product
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Territory Management

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  • Shows sales, costs, & profits
  • Multiple search & sort criteria
  • Sales target vs. actual
  • Territory RX Trends
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Financial Functions

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  • Cost centers vs profit centers
  • Gifts / Samples costs
  • Reps Daily expense tracking
  • Track spends on Doctors
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Sales Management

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  • Order Management & Fulfillment
  • Primary & Secondary Sales
  • Sales target vs actual
  • Closed Loop Marketing(CLM)
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Project / Task Management

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  • Create projects and assign tasks
  • Collaborative document sharing
  • Task and Milestone tracking
  • SMS and Email alerts
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HR Management Tool

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  • Fine grained Roles management
  • Leave / Holiday management
  • 1 click Payroll creation
  • Employee performance Dashboard
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Collaboration & Communication

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  • Internal messaging system
  • Supports SMS and Emails
  • Document sharing
  • Realtime alerts and reminder
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Admin Tools

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  • Global system settings panel
  • Approval Desk
  • 360° view of Field activities
  • Company Notice board
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Survey Builder

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  • DIY Survey creation engine
  • Set Survey validity & frequency
  • Assign to specific teams
  • Analyze Survey reports
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Email Marketing

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  • Email Opt-in list management
  • Use mail merge for personalization
  • Send plain or HTML emails
  • Track open rates & other reports
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System features

  • SaaS software

    SaaS saves you money and time. With SaaS you focus your technology budgets on competitive advantage rather than infrastructure. Moreover you always get the latest innovations without paying more for it.

  • On-demand Data Backup

    We take weekly automated data backup. Further, you can have your data backed up any time you want to by an authorized personnel. The data can be exported in CSV & XLS format so that you can open & review it.

  • Security

    Our SaaS platform is in many ways better than your on-premise software when it comes to security and privacy. However, for large setups - we give you an option to deploy the software on-premise.

  • Data Migration Support

    If you have used an software already and want to shift to our Pharma CRM platform, then we can take your data backup and load it to our server without any additional costs involved.

  • Free Continous Updates

    Get all the latest updates and security patches in a hassle free manner. We are continuosly listening to your feedback and adding functionalities to make your life easy.

  • Phone & Email Support

    We have setup a support center to handle all your support requests. You can contact us via email, phone and online ticket support desk. We ensure you prompt issue resolution.