Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we have tried to answer most of your pre-sales queries. If you are looking for software usage guide / help manual please look for the help menu within your login screen at bottom left.

What is Medismo Pharma CRM Software?

With Medismo Pharma CRM Software, a Salesperson can access to all marketing materials, product information and customer information from any location. Sales managers and H.O.(Head Office) can monitor sales activities for the entire organization in real time 24x7. Specially designed and tested for Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences companies to fulfill their end to end needs from Sales Force Automation to Supply chain and Distribution Management.

  • Minimal Startup and Operating Costs
  • Fast Deployment
  • Anytime Access
  • Mobile Access^
  • Save on IT Maintenance costs
  • Free Updates and Security Patches
  • Phone, Email and Onsite° Support
  • Upgrade / Downgrade anytime

^ add-on module ° paid service

Is Medismo Pharma CRM scalable?

Successful businesses are continually changing and growing, Employee growth, transaction growth, the launching of new products and services, mergers and acquisitions, or any number of business events can dramatically and suddenly alter business needs.

Our software has been designed to work; even when 10,000 employees are using it at the same time.
What are the payment terms?

The quarterly / half yearly / yearly subscription fees for Medismo Pharma CRM is based on the number of employees. No extra fees for data processing, no additional costs for hosting, software updates, hardware upgradations or administration. Whether your users are field reps, managers, or administrators, the same great price applies to each one.

Regarding Contracts: Our goal is to establish close, long-term partnerships with you. We offer special discounts and additional services & premuim support for companies interested in longer contract periods.

Can i Customize the Pharma CRM as per my needs?

Yes, Our complete CRM package with all add-ons are optimally priced to provide you the best value for money. Choosing only the base CRM version can bring our great prices even lower.

Still not satisfied? We can tailor make solutions for your specific company needs. Talk to us

Will you share our information with third parties?

We will never sell your information to third parties or your competitors. The only third parties who will receive any of your information are those who YOU DECIDE to GRANT information. We sign a contract to legally safeguard the Intellectual Property(IP) of your company. For more information, see our Privacy Policy

How do I get my data out of Medismo Pharma CRM?

We are here to serve our customers and build credibility for us. In an unfortunate event, if you want your data to be exported out of Medismo Pharma CRM, we have an 1-Click Export to do just that. We call it Data Liberation - where our goal is to make it easier for users to move their data in and out of our product. We don't believe in Vendor Locking.