E-sampling & knowledge library

Product sampling is one of the key drivers of the pharmaceutical industry and has the highest ROI than any another promotional activity. This can be best achieved by a mix of in-person and online engagement with doctors over a period of time.

E-sampling extends the power of sampling via internet and mobile devices which most doctors use day to day.

Top pharmaceutical companies are using Medismo e-sampling platform to multiply and extend their salesforce efforts and reaching out to physicians when they need most without disenfranchising pharma sales Reps.

e-sampling is smart way to supplement the sales rep visit, to reach no-see & hard-to-see doctors, and to get product to physicians in remote locations.

How the e-sampling process works?

When a doctor orders samples online or via mobile, the order goes to that doc's rep. The rep has then 48 hours to take care of the sample order.
If the rep doesn't deliver, then the system escalates the order to the rep's manager and fulfills it.

How the virtual knowledge portal works?

Upload and share digital medical literature. Make a knowledge hub for your company and let doctors access it at their convenience from their home, office or mobile. Doctors can place online sample requests & take part in surveys & opinion polls.