E-detailing for Tablets / Laptops

With more and more sales representatives competing for face-to-face time with healthcare providers, how many get past the receptionist's desk?

Medical reps get local offline access to distributed documents as per their level of access.

New advances in Internet technology, coupled with government and self-regulation, have curbed face-to-face interactions even more, hence physicians are turning to the Internet from their desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones for self-directed research. Understand the interests of the doctors, what they favored, how much time they spent, how many questions were asked and more. With these data in hand, marketing teams can re-assess and tweak presentations and medical data to make every detail a better one.

E-detailing for Android Tablets and Windows Laptops takes advantage of the large screen to show stunning 3D graphical aids helping Reps get longer face-time interactions with physicians .

Now leave a lasting impression with Audio/Visuals on Indications, dosage & Clinical trials when you meet a Doctor. Get detailed analytic reports for each detail with Doctors. Medismo E-detailing platform is cost effective, highly efficient and scalable to help organizations of all sizes around the world improve critical relationships with physicians and deliver higher sales returns within 2 months of deployment.